History, Heritage & Health

Cultural Heritage Preservation & Natural Resource Conservation.  

Sharing the “Untold American History Narrative”

Presenters/Speakers for your group.

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Wellness & Environmental Consulting

National Green Infrastructure Certified 2017

Chesapeake Bay Landscape Professional 2017

Environment &  Ecology Literacy 

We offer green infrastructure, conservation edible landscapes, and non-native plant removal.

Annual sponsor of Earth Mother’s Day Clean Stream another day in the year to take care of mother earth.

Transforming Outdoor Spaces

Non-native plant removal off of trees and landscapes (english ivy, wintercreeper, etc.) Trees are being consumed and dying prematurely.  You should see a tree’s bark.

Help us save the Trees!

Native Plant Awareness

Plant native plants learn which ones are sun or shade appropriate.

Educational Workshops

We offer youth environmental literacy workshops. Developing the next generation of Earth Stewards! Youth Student Service Learning Hours

We offer informational workshops for landscape crews regarding topics such as non-native plant awareness and native plant options for landscapes.

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Fitness Classes

We offer fitness classes and wellness programs for all stages and ages. We come to you and design programs to meet your needs. We concentrate on the whole being approach to fitness and wellness. We offer classes that will serve your physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual needs. 

Wellness Education

We offer workshops to educate the community, corporate, and schools on topics such as: Portion Distortion, Rethink Your Drink, and Lifestyle Change Programs. Let’s get outside more and reap the benefits of nature!

Educational Workshops

Contact us for more information on our services!

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