Basket Weaving

My great grandfather was a basket weaver and chair caner in North Eastern Coastal North Carolina. This is a Heritage Craft for me and I started weaving baskets in Fall 2016. This is the first basket I wove at the Sandy Spring Museum in Sandy Spring, Maryland with Kathleen Beauchesne, Founder of the Center of Research in Basketry. I am a founding member of the Chesapeake Basketry Guild in Baltimore Area in Maryland.



Coming soon… A series of children’s picture book about my Piney Woods Heritage.

A Secret Place A Hiding Place

Great Grandfather’s Craft

The Legend of the Indian Kettle

The Marriage Oak

Bajan Kite Making


Audley hadn’t made a kite since growing up in Barbados. He tried finding comparable materials to the ones he would have used back home. A common pin was easy to locate but not a clamacherry tree. Children would squeeze the cherries for the sticky nectar and use it as glue for kites and other crafts.

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