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Health Education, Fitness Instruction, Personal Training & Lifestyle Coaching.


Wholistic Wellness & Fitness programs

WellFit Concepts is a family business that offers Fitness Classes & Wellness Programs for all stages and ages.

We come to you and design programs to meet your needs. We concentrate on the whole being approach to fitness and wellness. We offer classes and workshops that will serve your physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs.

Classes that Everyone can Enjoy! We use inspirational music and sound for our classes. Our FIT classes remind us that Frequency, Intensity and a Time commitment are the beginning principles to behavioral change.

MindFIT = Be Still. Breath. Meditate. and Relax. Calm your mind with aroma, sound, and journaling. Reflecting can create awesome change in your life.

StretchFIT = From your head to your toe a total body stretch will release stress and tension most definitely.

SculptFIT = Muscles need to be challenged to change your appearance. Toning and stretching will give your body exactly what it needs.

ChairFIT = A creative way to start a fitness and wellness program. In your seat and a progression to an active life.

WalkFIT = Let us help design a walking route in your neighborhood for you. Walking is one of the best ways to start a fitness lifestyle.

CoachFIT = Personal training can give you the attention you need to commit to a lifestyle change. One on one or small group coaching is an option.

WaterFIT = Invigorate yourself doing water exercise, this class is a total body experience. Start a class in your private or community pool.  Private & Group Swim Lessons are available.

DanceFIT = Movement is essential to change. This class can be a freestyle movement class. We use various music genres. Classic dance classes are also available.

SurvivorFIT = Have you survived a stroke and need to keep moving after your rehab? This class is a special place for survivors of stroke and traumatic brain injuries.

Stroke Survivor Fitness

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